By Aaron Wiener | BBYO Mountain Associate Regional Director

On April 28, our East Valley Chapters, Tovah BBG and Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff, participated in BBYO’s International Community Service Day, J-serve 2019 by going to Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler. With 10 teens attending from both chapters, we got our hands dirty by spreading mulch to differentiate trails throughout the park and collected tortoise snacks for the two tortoises that live in the park. 

BBYOers participate in JServe, an international day of community service, on April 28.

Congratulations to our new chapter boards!

Tovah BBG

  • Nsiah (President) – Emma Freirich 
  • S’ganit (Vice President of Programming) – Lyndsey Klein
  • Morah (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention & Education) – Hannah Browning 
  • Shlicha (Vice President of Judaism, Social Action and Community Service) – Erica Rotundo 
  • Mazkirah (Vice President of Communications) – Zoe Orenstein 
  • Gizborit (Treasurer) – Jordan Paige 

Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff

  • Godol (President) – Harrison Benkel 
  • S’gan (Vice President of Programming) – David Tendler  
  • Moreh (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention & Education) – Jared Fiori
  • Shaliach (Vice President of Judaism, Social Action and Community Service) – Tomer Ben Ezer
  • Mazkir (Vice President of Communications) – Joshua Ruberto 
  • Gizbor (Treasurer) – Ryan Groth

Teens head off to BBYO summer programs

Ariella Golden, Jordan Paige, Ellie Sims and Lyndsey Klein will all be attending International Leadership Training Conference (ILTC) for three weeks at B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp in Lake Como, PA.

A message to these teens: ILTC is the ideal program for Alephs and BBGs, as it empowers you to raise your voice and realize your potential through peer leadership. You’ll further develop your leadership abilities, learn how to shape a worldwide movement, and gain invaluable skills in effective team collaboration, communication strategies and relationship building.

These skills and more will help you succeed long after your AZA and BBG high school experience comes to an end. Through classic camp activities and unique bonding moments, you’ll build confidence, grow your personal networks with friends from around the world, and strengthen your Jewish pride.

If interested in BBYO’s Summer Programs, please visit:

Our weekly programs slow down over the summer and the BBYO chapters in the East Valley generally meet at least twice per month. Their events will be uploaded to the BBYO Website under Mountain Region, where you can check out their events!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Aaron Wiener at