This EVJCC project offers a variety of programs that create engagement, relationships and community. Programs include interfaith discussions, the Lone Soldier Project and JBox, which provides kosher meals for individuals and families in need in the East Valley. See below for more details.

Chaplaincy and Rabbinical Services

The East Valley JCC provides chaplaincy and rabbinical services to those in need who do not currently belong to a synagogue. For more information, contact Rabbi Michael Beyo


JBox provides a monthly kosker meal that is delivered to those in need in the East Valley.


Lone Soldiers are courageous and dedicated young Jews from all around the world who volunteer to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Without families in Israel, some soldiers may suffer from loneliness, especially when they have time off from their extremely demanding military duty and on Shabbat and holidays.

LSP shows appreciation for their commitment by supporting Lone Soldier Centers that serve as their home away from home. Projects include a Hanukkah Greeting Campaign, knitting hats for soldiers and raising funds for Shabbat and holiday meals. 

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