Lone Soldier Project

Lone Soldiers are courageous and dedicated young people from all around the world serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Some soldiers may suffer from loneliness, especially when they have time off from their extremely demanding military duty.

LSP shows appreciation for their commitment by sending them personal care packages and other items to recognize their contribution. We are grateful they are creating a secure Israel and Jewish homeland.

Get Involved! Write Letters. Knit Hats. Send Care Packages.

Donate to LSP

Knit Kindness!

You can help to prepare personal care packages and knit winter hats for the IDF soldiers and support the Lone Soldiers Project.

Hats provide both physical warmth and emotional support.

Feel good knowing that somewhere tonight a soldier doing guard duty in the cold will be wearing one of your warm, hand-knitted hats! To learn more and receive the hat pattern, email now


A personal care package and home knitted hat, donated in your name, will be sent to a Lone Soldier at Chayal el Chayal (a Lone Soldier Center in Jerusalem) with a donation of $25.

Packages will be given to active duty soldiers staying at the center during their pre-induction period or on Shabbat, holidays, and leave.

Packages say “thank you” for a soldier’s courage and commitment to the defense of Israel while making their life a little easier and warmer!

To donate, please call 480-897-0588 or visit this link 

Write On, Write On.

It’s never been so easy to send correspondence to an IDF Soldier!

Send an email with words that will make an IDF soldier smile to lonesoldiers@evjcc.org

The EVJCC will forward your message directly to men and women serving Israel.

Send your appreciation to courageous, committed young people!

Community Education

Want to learn more about Lone Soldiers?  We’ll come to your group with a multimedia presentation that discusses the Lone Soldier experience in their words.

Camaraderie and sense of purpose while serving in the IDF is always a highlight. Loneliness, and home sickness are challenges, especially when off duty.

We’ll help you learn the solutions to these issues – Presentations for all ages, from school age through seniors.

To schedule a presentation email now