The East Valley JCC, in partnership with IsraeliFilms, presents an opportunity to view 10 Israeli films during Passover. The following films are available for free through April 18 with a $5 suggested donation each.  For registration details, click here. For more details about each film, including trailers, click on the photo.

And Then She Arrived

Comedy. A handsome but easy-going nerd breaks up with his high school sweetheart when he meets a waitress from Jerusalem. 

Apples From the Desert

Drama. The only daughter of an Orthodox Jewish family runs away with a young man to a kibbutz. 


Drama about a renowned professor  accused of sexual coercion by an undergraduate student.

Hill Start

A comedy that tells the story of the Geva family, a bourgeois family from Jerusalem whose matriarch goes into a coma after a car accident.

Operation Egg

An adventure film for the whole family. 

Love in Suspenders

Romantic-comedy. A widow who constantly deals with the memory of her loving late husband meets a sarcastic lone wolf widower and falls in love. 

Shooting Life

Drama. An unemployed film director from Tel Aviv moves to Sderot and takes up a teaching job at the high school. 

Turn Left at the End of the World

Drama. A group of families emigrates from India to Israel in the late sixties, seeking a better life in what they believe to be the first outpost of the West in Asia. To their surprise, they’re sent to a new settlement in the middle of the desert, populated primarily by Moroccan Jews. 

The Wonders

A drama that mixes mystery, comedy, psychological thriller, political intrigue and romance. Inspired by a true story.

Wounded Land

Drama. The relationship between a police officer and a regional commander is challenged when they are required to watch over a terrorist at a city hospital.