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Upcoming Films

May 5
The Partisan with the Leica Camera

This documentary explores the hidden family secrets that emerge after a man discovers that his parents were the commanders of a Polish assassination squad that operated during the Holocaust. The chilling facts are backed by unique photos taken in the forest by his father on his Leica camera.

June 9
Apples and Oranges

The 1967 Six-Day War attracted a wave of support for Israel that the Kibbutz Movement saw as a miracle. When travel agencies started selling “Kibbutz Volunteering” packages, it was clear that volunteering also became a profitable business. This absorbing documentary explores those volunteers who flocked to Israel’s kibbutzim and their vast impact, but it also reveals the darker underside.

July 14
The Unorthodox

When Yakov Cohen’s daughter is expelled from school for ethnic reasons, he decides to fight back. This feature film depicts the establishment of the Shas political party, a religious political party representing the interests of Sephardic Jews.

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