Next film on Sunday, Oct. 9: Yerusalem: The Incredible Story of Ethiopian Jewry

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About the upcoming film

Yerusalem: The Incredible Story of Ethiopian Jewry

“Yerusalem,” a feature documentary, brings to life the story of a long, dramatic and tumultuous journey as the Jewish Ethiopian community, also known as “Beta-Israel,” finally find their way back to the heart of the Jewish people after centuries – Jerusalem. “Yerusalem” is the story of an isolated Jewish tribe who kept its faith for thousands of years even though they lived in a hostile Christian environment. This is the story of ancient Jewish traditions, of heroic actions and daring covert operations. But mainly, this is the story of a powerful religious yearning that has been passed down from father to son for countless generations.

Next month’s film

Israeli film series

Lost Mothers
Sunday, Nov. 6 | All day

The intimate and intense story of four biological mothers who gave up their babies for adoption and now confront their past in a unique support group, while embarking on a life changing journey to reunite with their estranged children.


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