The 2021-22 virtual Israeli film series continues on Sunday, May 15 with the film “There is No Other Place.” 

The film will be available to steam anytime on Sunday, May 15.  There is no charge to watch the film. Register below to receive the link, which will be sent the evening before. 

Upcoming Film


There is No Other Place

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The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the holiest Christian site, is shared by six dominations fighting each other for every square meter. Two Muslim families, guardians of the entrance key to the church, argue who is the true key custodian. Jonny, an Israeli police officer in charge, is trying to preserve the ancient, fragile Status Quo. (Note: The 52′ version was released under the name “The Church.” )

Next month’s film


Marry Me However

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The film tells the stories of LGBT men and women who, for religious reasons, decided to marry against their own sexual orientation, to comply with Torah laws and be accepted into their families and religious communities. Some shared their secret with their partners, some kept it hidden, and some lied even to themselves. After their divorces, they confront the conflicts they repressed: their faith and religious laws; children, family and community; exposure to society and search for a partner. The characters experience a journey of self-acceptance and social activism, as they try to affect a change in their religious environments. The film also follows the women who married and divorced homosexual partners, as well as rabbis and psychologists who seek a solution to an unsolvable conflict.


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