You’ll know exactly how and where your generous donations are utilized within Our J’s Community.

Your donation allows our unique, high-quality programming to reach the next generation – and we Thank You! The EVJCC is there for those who need us today and those that need us tomorrow.

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Enhance Education

“The EVJCC has been a part of my family for 5 years. As a working mom, I have trusted the EVJCC with my most precious gifts, my 3 children. I’ve admired the teachers and staff at the EVJCC and the amazing things they do!” – C.O.

L’dor Va-dor

“I’ve always enjoyed giving within the community and I also always felt a responsibility to do that just because I saw my parents do it.” – T. K.

Strengthen Identity

“Supporting the growth of a Jewish community ensures that our culture is preserved. I am proud to contribute to the diversity of our local community’s rich culture and celebrate its importance within society.” – M.A.

Reinforce Community

“It is important for the young Jewish community to know that for Judaism to survive we all have to pitch in and do what we can to help Jews locally, in our own neighborhood.” – W.L.

There are several donation designations you can choose to make, and there’s one just for you!

Make Your Donation Today

AZ State Tax Credit: The EVJCC has established a separate organization (EVJCC QCO) recognized by the State of AZ as a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Up to $400 individual or $800 couple. To learn more, click here

Sustainable Giving: Ongoing monthly donations supply the EVJCC with a consistent base of support that the organization can depend on year after year. To learn more, click here

Life and Legacy: Anybody can make a legacy gift, regardless of age or financial circumstances, and your gift can be customized to fit your goals and needs.  The EVJCC is an official participant of the LIFE & LEGACY partnership program within the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. To learn more, click here

Corporate Sponsorship: Engage with your new audience. Our J Community is Your Most Valuable Niche Audience! To learn more, click here

In Kind DonationDonations of goods and services can be extremely valuable to Our J. To learn more, click here

Naming Opportunities


Your Donation Makes an Impact

Friend of the J
We can’t do it without you…
We appreciate you!
Senior Education
Your donation directly supports a senior educational workshop event.
Youth Enrichment 
Your donation brings certified, qualified, and experienced professionals to Our J’s after school environment.
Camp Partner
Your donation supports one week of camp for a child.
Jewish Life and Learning
Your donation supports a Special Event within EVJCC’s Life and Learning track.
Professional Development
Your generous donation will support ongoing education and training to Our J’s professional team.
Community Partner
Your donation supports one after school activity.
Early Childhood Scholarship
Your donation will support one month of Early Childhood programming.
Security Partner
Your donation upgrades all levels of security, elevates staff preparedness and facility readiness in unexpected circumstances.
Teen Leadership
Your donation develops young leaders within community.
Summer Camp
Your donation supports an entire summer of camp for a family with two children.
Playground Partner
Your generous donation will update and transform a creative play space for Our J’s Early Learning Center.

Donate. Strengthen. Grow Our J Community.

Make Your Donation Today