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& Help Your J Raise $100,000

Together, let's make this a reality!
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  Give $800. Get $800.

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Our Goal is to raise $100,000 by July, 2019,
Please help meet this goal!

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You make a donation to the EVJCC. Up to $400 individual or $800 couple

Get Credit

You take a dollar for dollar TAX CREDIT on your AZ income tax return.

Win Win

The EVJCC continues to help those in our community in need!

Donations to the EVJCC stays here, in your community. The donations collected go towards programs for all age groups, to enrich the lives of people right here in our neighborhoods.

Help Your J reach its Tax Credit Goal of $100,000 by April of 2019. Let’s make this a reality!

Unlike other donations, this is not a deduction off your income. If you donate $800 you get $800 directly off your AZ State Income Tax Bill!

EVJCC will Provide Meals to Seniors

Through our Ladles of Love program, we provide a home-cooked  kosher meals to poor or isolated seniors.

EVJCC will Feed the Homeless in Our Community

Our volunteer outreach program goes out on the streets to pass out food and clothing for some our most neediest community members.

EVJCC will Assist Families in Need with Preschool and Camp Scholarships

The J’s preschool is a NAEYC Accredited school that is one of the best Early Childhood Centers in the East Valley.  Our camps have been creating lasting memories for our children for decades.

Help Your J Reach its Goal of $100,000

Together, let's make this a reality!
Donate Now

What is the difference between a Tax Credit and Tax Deduction?

A tax credit reduces the amount you owe in AZ State income taxes.  So, for instance, if you owe $5,000 in state income taxes, and you give $800 to the EVJCC as a tax credit, you would only owe $4,200.

A tax deduction comes off your total income.  So if your total income was $60,000 for the year and you donated $800 then it would reduce your income to $59,200 and that is what your tax would be based on.   So your tax bill would not be reduced that much.

What is the EVJCC QCO?

The EVJCC has established a separate organization (EVJCC QCO) recognized by the State of AZ as a Qualifying Charitable Organization.  For more information please visit: AZ Dept. of Revenue – Info on Qualifying Charitable Organizations. Donors should use the the EVJCC QCO code 20885 when taking the tax credit on their income tax returns. To make sure you are eligible for the tax credit please check with your Tax Advisor.