It is a privilege to partner with your family
in creating a caring and 
trusted environment.

The Early Learning Center fosters self esteem, confidence and independence with our qualified, nurturing staff.

We encourage inquiry, collaboration and creativity while cultivating a love for learning. Our families are our partners in providing a safe and supportive environment. We provide wisdom, model respect and teach responsibility for the world, through a Jewish lens.

The Early Learning Center at the EVJCC is a recipient of the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA). Learn more about the accreditation here.

Our caring team of teachers provide a positive, nurturing and loving environment year-round for their students and consistently communicate with parents, through updates and photos. Many of our current parents used to attend the school as a child!  

Kosher school lunches are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

The Early Learning Center at the EVJCC has provided high-quality preschool and daycare in a safe, nurturing environment since 1971. Contact ELC Director Pam Morris through the form below  to register or find out more information or call 480-897-0588.

Summer Fun at the J
June 3-July 26, 2024

The ELC Summer Fun at the J program is available for age 2- Pre-K. 
Camp hours are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Before-care and after-care is also available. 

(Those who are enrolled in the year-round ELC program do not need to fill out this form.)

Below is a brief description of each of the ELC classes.

Infants (Chasidot and Girafot) (6 weeks – 16 months)

We’re committed to supporting you on your journey as a new parent – and we thank you for that opportunity. Parents, as your child’s first teachers, you know the importance of forming healthy attachments. Our infant-to-teacher ratio – 4:1 – sets the stage for individualized care and building trust and emotional security with your baby. Our qualified teachers know the importance of early brain development and use this knowledge in their everyday interactions. At the youngest stage, lesson plans are created that are individualized to your child’s growth and development and you provide the daily schedule to meet your child’s specific needs for napping, feeding and diapering.

Toddlers (Kofim and Koala) (17 months – 2 years by September)

Toddlers are active learners, needing the time and space to explore, run and create. Our primary focus is on encouraging the children to develop autonomy and mastery over their bodies and belongings. In a safe and nurturing environment, toddlers feel confident to explore, discover and experiment under the caring eye of their teacher. Weekly themes enhance the fun and exploration in the learning environments – both indoors and outdoors.

2s (Pilim and Yanshufim) and 3s (Parparim and Dubim)

Our children enjoy activities every day that focus on their social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor, moral and creative development. All children work at their own pace and level. Our well-trained teachers continuously introduce challenging concepts and skills. Through modeling and conversation, we encourage our children to understand their emotions and help them develop self-soothing techniques to ultimately put them in the driver’s seat of situations so they can master the art of independent problem solving. The curriculum is based on research-based developmental guidelines.

Pre-Kindergarten (Ariyot and Nemarim)

Teachers use the educational approaches that reflect best practice in early childhood education in order to best prepare children. Success in kindergarten and beyond starts in our full-day Pre-Kindergarten, which is filled with authentic opportunities for writing, reading, problem solving and scientific discovery. Through active and interactive play, teachers guide children as they develop their abilities to problem-solve and use their critical thinking. Focus is placed on social/emotional development while learning through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), shared writing and reading activities.

ELC Kindergarten

The Early Learning Center opened a new kindergarten in Fall 2023 after ELC parents expressed an interest in having their children continue at the EVJCC for kindergarten. Highlights include a small class size; individualized attention; a safe, community environment for families;  a values-based education; STEAM curriculum; and enrichment classes during the school day, such as cooking, art and P.E. The school primarily follows the Chandler School District calendar. Learn more about the kindergarten here

Additional information

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Pam Morris, director of the EVJCC’s Early Learning Center, shares parenting tips in her Words of Wisdom column. Learn from her insight on early childhood education, Jewish values and more. Listen or read at

The East Valley JCC is accredited by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council for implementing the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention in its facility. Learn more here.

“I’ve been really pleased with the COVID response that EVJCC has been doing. Not just the communication but also all the different steps being taken on a day-to-day basis.”

– Meghan, ELC  parent

“I appreciate all of your efforts to ensure a learning environment that decreases risk as much as possible. Bravo!”

– Kavita, ELC parent

“I just wanted to say thank you. Nothing feels safe right now, but I am grateful that my son has a place to be with other kids and that you are doing what is possible to make sure they stay healthy.”

– Luciana, ELC and camp parent