Lone Soldier Campaign

The East Valley JCC’s Lone Soldier Project raises funds to provide support for lone soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces. The funds will go toward providing Shabbat and holiday meals at lone soldier centers in Israel, as well as provide supplies to make knitted hats that help keep the soldiers warm during cold nights on duty.


This week’s cowardly attack on Israeli civilians intensifies the stress and the safety of Lone Soldiers. The personal toll on Israelis, the IDF, and Lone Soldiers is the worst ever experience since the state’s birth 75 years ago. The need to support Lone Soldiers and Israel is greater than ever. 

IDF soldiers remain steadfast on the front lines, defending the nation of Israel with unwavering dedication. However, the troops are facing critical shortages in essential resources that are urgently needed to sustain their efforts.

Who are lone soldiers?

Lone Soldiers are individuals serving in the IDF without family support in Israel. Those from outside of Israel are young Jewish men and women who volunteer to defend Israel because they are dedicated to Israel and the safety of its citizens.

There are about 7,500 Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF, with about 45% coming from outside of Israel. The rest are Israelis who are from abusive fractured families, orphans or from Ultra-Orthodox families that disown them when they make the decision to enlist in the military.

IDF soldiers typically go home for Shabbat and holidays or during their leave, but the lone soldiers often grow lonely or feel forgotten because they don’t have anywhere to go. Lone Soldier Centers often serve as a home away from home by providing caring, social and religious experiences and support for the lone soldiers.

The Lone Soldier Project of the East Valley JCC is committed to showing appreciation for the lone soldiers serving in the IDF by providing support to the lone soldier centers that assist them. The EVJCC is the only organization in the Greater Phoenix area that directly supports the lone soldiers serving in the IDF.

How can you help?

Show your support for these lone soldiers by helping provide Shabbat meals, holiday meals or knitted hats. Shabbat and holidays are celebrated at a lone soldier center near the soldier’s active duty station. The hats are made by local volunteers and are shipped to the lone soldier centers in Israel.