About the East Valley JCC

The vision of the East Valley JCC (EVJCC) is to create a strong connected community through Jewish values and education. Our mission is to be a center for social, cultural and educational activities to engage families and individuals through Jewish values throughout their lifetime. 

Learn more about our six areas of focus below.


Since 1971, the center’s Early Learning Center has provided high-quality education and care in a safe, nurturing environment. Many of the parents were once students at the school, which offers classes for infants through kindergarten. Programs include summer programs, parenting classes and afterschool enrichment. 

Campers create memories and build longtime friendships as they share camp experiences. High school students gain leadership skills as they assist the counselors. School-break camps assist working parents who need childcare during school breaks.

The East Valley JCC offers a variety of classes and programs that educate, communicate and inspire, including weekly Open Beit Midrash sessions, holiday programming, and cooking demonstrations by Chef Melinda McNeil of the EVJCC’s kosher Challah Factory.


Arts and cultural programming enriches the soul through art exhibits, musical performances and presentations with authors, artists and musicians. An Israeli film series offers a monthly connection to Israel through film.


The Center for Holocaust Education thrives as a dynamic, interactive and engaging program division within the EVJCC, aiming to continue to teach this generation and future generations the importance of acceptance and peace. Programs include presentations, guest speakers, exhibits, a live virtual tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, a Holocaust education curriculum for schools, an annual Yom Hashoah program and Generations After, a program for children and grandchildren of survivors. The EVJCC is a member of the Association of Holocaust Organizations.

This EVJCC project offers a variety of programs that create engagement, relationships and community. Programs include interfaith discussions, the Lone Soldier Project, the Conversations with the Rabbi podcast and the JBox kosher meal delivery program that provides kosher meals for individuals and families in need in the East Valley and the JBox kosher food pantry for anyone in need of groceries. 


Rabbi Michael Beyo, CEO

Hadassah Baldinger, COO

Pam Morris, Early Childhood Education Director

Stephania Alvarez, Early Childhood and Youth Coordinator


Sharon Bayer, Director of Operations

Leisah Woldoff, Director of Communications

Vanessa Arvizu, Receptionist

Dr. Jerzy Wojcik, Scholar-in-Residence of the Center for Holocaust Education of the EVJCC

Since 1972, the EVJCC has continued to serve individuals and families inclusive of all race, religions and cultures.

The EVJCC is a 501c3 nonprofit, neighborhood organization.