Continuing our excellent programming from our much-loved Early Learning Childhood program, we are in the final preparations for launching this exciting addition to the EVJCC’s early childhood programs.

We’d love for your support as we begin this next phase in the EVJCC’s history, and it is super easy!

 In addition to the AZ Qualified Charitable Organization Tax Credit we have told you about, there is a second tax credit program you can donate to called the Private School Tax Credit. It works the same way on your AZ state taxes, a dollar-for-dollar credit. It allows individuals to give up to $2,609/per filing jointly or $1,307/per individual. These funds will be used to support tuition for our new kindergarten program.

Here’s how to donate

The EVJCC has partnered with AZ Tax Credit Funds to administer and process our Private School Tax Credit Program. Follow these steps to give online (or call 480-865-8081 to make your donation).

1. Click here.

2. Select ELC Kindergarten @ the East Valley JCC (It may take a few seconds for the form to load.)

3. Complete the form. (You can select either “Student of my choice” and the child’s name  if you want the funds to go toward a specific student or “school of my choice.”)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Use your AZ Tax Credit to make a difference in your community!


What is the EVJCC QCO?

The EVJCC has established a separate organization (EVJCC QCO) recognized by the State of AZ as a Qualifying Charitable Organization.  For more information please visit: AZ Dept. of Revenue – Info on Qualifying Charitable Organizations. Donors should use the the EVJCC QCO code 20885 when taking the tax credit on their income tax returns. To make sure you are eligible for the tax credit please check with your tax adviser. Learn more here