Past Yom Hashoah commemorations 

April 27, 2022

Candlelighting ceremony

Rabbi Michael Beyo, East Valley JCC CEO, and Holocaust survivor Bodo Schrader. 

Karen Perna and Barbara Burman, coordinators of the East Valley JCC’s Generations After group. 

Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan

Rich Kasper, president and CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

Niki Tapia of the City of Chandler

Robin Finlinson of JustServe and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chandler

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Exhibit: “Lost Voices: Greek Jews and the Holocaust”

“Branded Degenerate: Voices Silenced”

Pianist Hannah Creviston, soprano Amanda DeMaris and saxophonist Christopher Creviston presented a lecture-recital highlighting work by those killed in the Holocaust. 

Sammi Morris led the group in “Hatikvah” during the ceremony. 

May 2019

Holocaust survivor Marion Weinzweig, author “Lonely Chameleon,” pictured with her daughter Cindy Katz.

“Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Bedzin Ghetto,” an exhibit  created by the Martin-Springer Institute at NAU, was on display. 

Presenters included Chandler Vice Mayor Terry Roe, right. 

The evening Yom Hashoah Commemoration ceremony included a candlelighting ceremony. Pictured is Chandler Police Chief Sean Duggan.

Gerald Lamb and Melissa Cohen, representatives of the Martin-Springer Institute at NAU, presented a morning lecture and an afternoon educators’ workshop. There was also a screening of documentary “Shalom Italia.”