Grace Hamm joins the East Valley JCC staff as the new camp and youth senior coordinator.

She will develop Camp Rimon Gadol and work to engage our community’s youth and teens in a variety of activities throughout the year to help them stay connected to their community.

Grace is a big believer in creating community and safe places for people to feel welcome as their true and authentic selves. Grace grew up in central California, the oldest of four girls where she attended both summer and winter camps throughout her life. Camp was a place that she finally felt connected to people. It was a place she could be herself and could grow as a person. These experiences gave her a passion for working in camps and a desire to build a career developing youth camps.

She made the move to Arizona when she attended Arizona State University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in sustainable tourism development and management. Throughout her time at the university, she found a home in the desert, falling in love with the art, food, people and scenery.

With four years experience working at camps, working with both students and coordinating and developing programs, Grace is excited to take on the responsibility of creating an exciting, engaging and memorable experience for the students of Camp Rimon Gadol. Just as the times she spent at camp were some of the most memorable for Grace, she hopes to create a space for campers to make memories and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Although the EVJCC facility is closed through April 30, Grace will be creating content for the camp’s Facebook page and website can be contacted here.