This week’s cowardly attack on Israel civilians intensifies the stress and the safety of Lone Soldiers. The personal toll on Israelis, the IDF and Lone Soldiers is the worst ever experience since the birth of the state, 75 years ago. 

The need to support Lone Soldiers and Israel is greater than ever. Speak out clearly, loudly and publicly of your support for Israel. 

There are currently about 7,500 Lone Soldiers serving  in the Israel Defense forces. These soldiers have no immediate family to support them while they are on active duty. About one-half of them make Aliyah from 80 different countries around the world, while the rest are Israeli who have no home or family to meet their needs. 55% of Lone Soldiers serve in combat units.

For the past six years, the Lone Soldier Project of the East Valley JCC has supported Lone Soldier’s needs and educated the Arizona community about the important role they play in supporting the Jewish Homeland.

Lone Soldiers face many obstacles as they serve including language issues, cultural adaptation, understanding IDF procedures, not being connected to young adult religious or recreational activities, stress related to the extreme demands of IDF service, homesickness, loneliness when Israel soldiers go home for Shabbat and Holidays and at times anxiety and depression.

The Lone Soldier Project EVJCC partners with three Lone Soldier Centers that address these challenges for Lone Soldiers on a daily basis. As “a home away from home,” Lone Soldiers with similar needs come together, at these centers, to find  solutions to these obstacles. 

We support these Centers financially by donated funds for Shabbat and holiday meals and celebrations. Please donate to bring these courageous young people as much comfort as possible:

Send a message to a lone soldier

Our Annual Hanukkah Greeting Campaign, now under way, is a great way to communicate our concern and support for Lone Soldiers. When they receive our letters and cards, they realize that they are doing something far greater than themselves. 


Ideas about  what to write:  

  •  A Happy Hanukkah greeting
  • Anything that come from your heart
  • Appreciation for their courage
  • A recognition of the sacrifices they are making
  • Any personal connection to the IDF or Israel
  • Any Zionist feelings You Have

How to send a message electronically

You can upload your message that we will convert to a Hanukkah Card and send it to Israel for distribution by following these directions: 

Send your message in an email to

OR to upload your greeting by tapping “Write a Letter or Upload Artwork”   

If you have any questions, please call me at 480-895-4660 or email me at


Thank you,
Dr. Michael Cohen
Lone Soldier Project coordinator