The Mountain Region of BBYO held its conclave at Camp Stein April 4-7, with 130 teens from all 14 chapters in the region attending. The weekend, with the theme “Stand By Me,” focused on the region’s graduating seniors and the region’s future. Aaron Wiener, associate regional director of the BBYO Mountain Region, provides this report about the conclave:

We are sooo excited to share with you about our past weekend at Mountain Region Conclave 2019: Stand by Me in Prescott, AZ at Camp Stein. This past weekend, MTN Region BBYO welcomed 130 teens from all 14 chapters in our region to Stand with one another through the past, present and future of AZA and BBG.

We celebrated BBG @ 75, with a BBG Birthday Bash honoring the HERstory of B’nai Brith Girls and inviting the alephs and BBG’s to join us in this celebration. Our 72nd AZA and BBG Regional Boards were chosen to lead the region into the 72nd year of Mountain Region. We came together singing “Stand By Me” to start Shabbat off on the right note, honoring our regional senior leaders who devoted their life to the region and shared the memories they wanted to impart on our members.

We began Saturday morning with an AMAZING Torah service, inviting members up to perform aliyots and read from the Torah. We ended Shabbat with an wonderful senior-led Havdalah as we gathered around the seniors imparting our lasting memories onto them. And we ended the weekend updating our AZA Regional Constitution and awarding chapters with
moments through the year that made an impact!

East Valley honorees

Tovah BBG and Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff have had an incredible comeback year, working hard to recruit and retain more members and we wanted to share with you our honorees.

  • AJ Owen: Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff AZA’s Chapter Godol (President) won Godol of the Term.
  • Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff AZA won the Stephen A. Wise Award for Most Improved Chapter
  • The Golda Meir Impact Award, which embodies overall excellence in making a substantial impact on their chapter and community, was presented to Tovah BBG Adviser Jessica Kogan.
  • The Tikkun Olam Adviser of the Year Award are given to advisers who have been true game changers in their communities and chapters they advise for, going above and beyond and understanding how to make true changes within their chapter while being a support system, friend and mentor. This award was given to Tovah BBG Adviser, Melanie Kollman.

Regional elections

Shelby Miller, currently Tovah BBG’s Chapter Nsiah (President) has been elected as the 72nd BBG Regional S’ganit (Vice President of Programming) to Mountain Regional Board & Ellie Sims has been elected as the 72nd BBG Regional Morah (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention and Education) to Mountain Regional Board! AJ Owen, currently Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff’s Godol (president) has been elected as the 72nd AZA Regional Moreh (Vice President of Recruitment, Retention and Education).

We could not be more excited for these teens who represent the East Valley!

Ellie Sims, center, was elected Regional Morah and to the right of her Shelby Miller, current chapter nsiah of Tovah BBG, was just elected Regional S’ganit 

Aj Owen, currently the Chapter Godol of Rabbi Marvin Meir Reznikoff, was just elected 72nd Regional Moreh. Ellie Sims, currently the regional Chazonit (Sisterhood Chair) was just elected 72nd Regional Morah.