Nearly 100 representatives from Chandler organizations, businesses, faith-based institutions and nonprofits gathered at the East Valley JCC on the morning of Nov. 1 for a breakfast networking meeting organized by For Our City-Chandler.

For Our City–Chandler began in June 2009 with the purpose of coordinating service needs of the City of Chandler and non-profit organizations with the service resources of faith-based communities, employers, business groups and others in the Chandler area, according to

Chandler Mayor-Elect Kevin Hartke, For Our City director, greeted the group and Rabbi Michael Beyo, EVJCC CEO, gave the invocation. Organizations shared upcoming programs and projects.

Presentations were given about recent projects, including the Pancakes & Pavers community service event in September, where nearly 500 high school students participated in community service projects in Chandler, including projects at the EVJCC. The City of Chandler also announced a new campaign to help end homelessness, that raised more than $250 in text donations by participants during the meeting.

The breakfast also included a panel discussion about mental health, suicide and self-harm issues that affect today’s youth that was followed by table discussions on those issues.


It was wonderful to see all these organizations come together to benefit members of the Chandler community.

Opening prayer from the breakfast, read by Rabbi Michael Beyo

We pray to you Master of the Universe – that a light will shine from the clouds that often cloud our judgment.
We pray – that you guide us to improve this world and this community with our deeds.
We pray that you humble us and enable us to  learn from each other.
We pray – that out of the raging storm of dissent and strife – harmony and brotherhood will blossom.
We pray – that we shall not lose sight of the precious gifts you have bestowed upon us.
We pray that all religions, ethnicities and races will sit together in harmony under the shade of your trees and the tent of your love because Yours is this world and the world to come.
We pray that we won’t tolerate the suffering of others and we shall love those that look and worship differently than us.
We pray that our nation will unite in harmony.
We pray – that our service will renew your presence as it is Your will.
We pray for peace that Nation shall no longer lift sword against Nation.
We pray that we shall not abandon hope or our faith.
We pray that all of humanity will act with compassion.
We pray to you Master of the Universe who is on high who sees all and knows all – that our prayers shall be accepted and let us say: Amen.