This summer, campers at Camp Rimon are traveling across the planet and exploring virtual worlds without ever leaving the East Valley JCC campus. 

These new adventures are made possible by Oculous Quest, a virtual reality (VR) headset developed by Oculus, a division of Facebook. 

By wearing these headsets, campers are transported into a virtual world where they can visit locations around the globe and beyond. So far they have virtually visited Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – they can also visit the International Space Station; play interactive multi-player games; keep active through dancing and sports games; and participate in educational activities to learn about subjects such as homelessness and climate change.



Rachel Morris, Camp Rimon program coordinator, is teaching older campers how to use the Virtual Reality headset.


VR headsets transport users into a virtual world where they can explore new places, play games and more. 

Interactive fun

Each headset comes with a pair of controllers that allow users to actively learn and play in the virtual world. 

The EVJCC worked wtih the House of VR for the project, and EVJCC staff members participated in a training with a representative from the company. More details about future programming will be announced at a later date.