Toddler Care


The Early Childhood Learning Center offers a clean, safe and loving environment for your little ones. There is limited space this summer. Contact ECLC director Pam Morris to register and with any questions or call 480-897-0588.

The ECLC is implementing enhanced health and safety protocols this summer in order to operate safe programs and maintain the health of our staff and children.   

Your toddlers will receive the highest quality care while our teaching team incorporates lesson plans covering activities that focus on social and emotional development.

Core concepts explored in our Toddler classes include unique teachings like simple sign language, sensory activities, art, large motor skill time, weekly music classes, and classic story time.

Lesson plans also include enriching activities that weave both cultural and mathematical concepts into daily experiences.


Our J’s Toddler classrooms foster learning one-to-one correspondence (that one object corresponds to one number), and counting.

We’ll help your toddler to recognize and name shapes while understanding the physical relationship between themself and other objects.


The beautiful and well-kept classrooms help your toddler collect and organize information during their pre-school experience.

Your child will be busy gathering, sorting, classifying, and analyzing information to help make sense of what is happening in their environment and form ideas and knowledge.

You’ll also receive regular communication and pictures of your son or daughter enjoying school and forming friendships!  And…There’s a pizza lunch option on Fridays as well as a special Challah snack.

For more information, to schedule a tour, meet with our team, or to register, contact the ECLC preschool office at (480) 897-0588 or email eclc@evjcc.org

The EVJCC personnel have received training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision. Our vigilance is demonstrated with a 40-year plus safe school environment.  Read more about our safety policies and procedures.