More Teen Programs Posting Soon!

The EVJCC is continuously expanding our Teen Services.
Please check back with us often to view what the EVJCC has in store for 2018/2019!
In the meantime, we encourage you to email us with your suggestions.  We want to hear from you!

Teens Tell All

“I like being able to do things with other Jewish teens. I like being in a group with other teens that share common things with me. Being at the EVJCC, I can feel connections with other people that are Jewish. Whether or not we’re friends, we have an automatic connection.” – A.W.

“From toddler to teen, I grew up at the J. This is a place I can call my second home! I
started at 2 years old and now I’m a Counselor in Training. I love spending time with the kids and now I get to work with the same people I have grown up with!”
– R. M.

“With BBYO, I have a lot of Jewish friends. My EVJCC friends and I  can discuss many things we have in common outside of school. And when I’m with my Jewish friends at the EVJCC, it makes me feel like I have a home and a safe place to talk about religion.” – E.D.

“I’ve loved my time at EVJCC Camp. It’s like the whole community is there and you’re altogether and everyone is so happy. It’s my favorite thing to be with everyone – little kids, too. Even if you don’t know the words to the camp songs, you sway with everyone and feel connected.”
– D.Z.

“There’s something about just being at the EVJCC, being with other Jews and other Jewish teenagers – there’s something just so welcoming. It’s such a powerful community and it’s just so comfortable – I feel like it’s warmer than just the average teenagers!” – P.B.