Pre-K is designed to help your son or daughter prepare for kindergarten – teaching socialization, numbers, letters, colors, etc.

All the things that your child needs to know to be integrated and well prepared for the public school district or private school environment.


Our Pre-K program helps your son or daughter learn best through imaginative play, exploration, hands-on materials, and a child centered environment.

We believe Our J’s ECLC Pre-K program is a roadmap for raising confident, creative, and compassionate children.

When your son or daughter enrolls in kindergarten, he or she will continue to learn and expand upon what has already been studied both socially and scholastically.

For more information, to schedule a tour, meet with our team, or to register, contact the ECLC preschool office at (480) 897-0588 or email

The EVJCC personnel have received training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision. Our vigilance is demonstrated with a 40-year plus safe school environment.  Read more about our safety policies and procedures.