Working for Women, Children and Families in Israel

At the forefront in responding to the growing needs of women as they struggle for equality.

As circumstances emerge and evolve on the national scene, we call attention to definite actions that can be taken in order to make our voices heard. Our voice is powerful and can potentially enable us to impact the legislative agenda positively and set priorities on a broad set of important issues.


Just as our vision has no boundaries, our membership is also global, with sister organizations in nine other countries around the world.

NA’AMAT, the largest provider of childcare services in Israel – always trying to keep up with the needs of a changing and emerging society.

We operate legal aid bureaus that handle a variety of complaints including workplace discrimination and domestic issues. We support Women and Family Rights Centers that provide vocational training for women to advance their careers and start new businesses.

NA’AMAT Technological Education Network serves some 3,500 students in 20 high-schools, two youth villages and two colleges across Israel. Most of our students are at-risk youth, for whom our institutions provide a last chance at completing their high-school education and receiving vocational training to promote their life chances. In our schools students find a home and receive the social empowerment to become engaged and contributing members of Israeli society.