Ladles of Love

Provides nutritious, kosher meals to Valley residents who otherwise may not be able to access a meal.

 Ladles of Love mobilizes volunteer groups to participate one Sunday a month to both cook and deliver meals Valleywide.  Each meal is prepared and distributed by loving volunteers, dedicated to providing for the Valley’s Jewish community.

When an individual or group volunteers, there are two options – cooking or delivering.  Of course, a volunteer or group can assist with both responsibilities and we welcome that type of participation.  Cooking is held from 9AM to 12PM at the EVJCC.  Drivers arrive at the EVJCC at 11:45AM or 1:15PM at a designated meal exchange point, in Scottsdale. To sign up to volunteer, visit To sign up for a meal, email or call 480-897-0588.

August 19, September 16, October 14, November 4 and December 9

2019 Available Volunteer Dates Include: 

January 20, February 10, March 10, April 14 and May 19

Note: If you have a group that would like to volunteer, but do not see the date your group is available – email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


The meals are simple recipes and include preparing and packaging up to 50 meals.

The kitchen is under kosher supervision, and even if you’re not familiar with what it means to have a kosher kitchen … it is easy and the Rabbi can answer questions or direct when needed.

A recipe may include, chopping carrots and steaming them with a zesty sauce.  Or, chopping onions – making matzah ball soup from scratch – or baking a cake.  Anyone can do it!

Packaging the meals includes placing each item in a box or canister container, placing that into a bag with a label, flyer and silverware.

Delivering meals includes about 5 different valley districts where maybe up to 3 stops exist per driver. The stops are mapped out and streamlined. Drivers do not have to come all the way to the EVJCC if they don’t want to! There are exchange points in Scottsdale, where the meals are transferred to their cars beginning at 1:15PM.


The recipients are so grateful – delivering is very meaningful and touching.
Some recipients are extremely excited to have a visitor; they even give you a hug!

Ladles of Love is always in need of donations, as the demand for meals increases within our Jewish community.

Donations can include direct donations or gift cards to grocery stores where Kosher foods and fresh fruits and vegetables are offered.

Donations of unused kitchen supplies and utensils are also needed to sustain operations. Gift cards to stores that also sell kitchen or restaurant supplies are also appreciated, because Ladles of Love can always use items like another bowl, cutting board, knife, foil, or packaging.

Acceptable kitchen supply donations include:

*all items need to be new and left in their original packaging for kosher purposes

Large Mixing Bowls
Cutting Boards
Large Frying Pans
Large Pots (various depths)

Aluminum Foil
Plastic Wrap
Ziploc Bags
Large To-Go containers

Spatulas (heat resistant)
Metal Tongs
Large Mixing Spoons
Liquid measuring cups
Disposable aluminum pans

8oz Bottled Drinks
Dry or Canned Goods – OU Kosher labeled
*items will be packaged alongside meal deliveries as supplemental items

Nicki Kaplan, LMSW, CPM launched this initiative, within Valley Beit Midrash’s Start Me Up program.

The Bureau of Jewish Education’s ACT (Action, Connect, Think) program also provided program assistance and support during the start up and initial years.