Infant & Toddler Care


The Early Learning Center offers a clean, safe and loving environment for your little ones.  Contact ECLC director Pam Morris to register and with any questions or call 480-897-0588. 

The ECLC is implementing enhanced health and safety protocols this summer in order to operate safe programs and maintain the health of our staff and children.   

Infants (6 weeks old to 15-months of age)

Your little ones are comfortable with Our J’s high caregiver to child ratio, and every infant is given our team’s full attention.

Children are engaged with toys, stories, music and celebrations of the Jewish culture they will grow to love.

Our J’s genuine and loving teaching team guide programs and activities that promote your child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Your infant will be nurtured in a positive, healthy and loving environment.


It is a privilege to partner with your family, so we create a caring and trusted environment.

You can count on it – every day.

We approach every activity as a chance to get closer to your child. From feeding and diaper changing, to naps and songs, your child’s experience is our focus.

We’re committed to supporting you on your journey as a new parent – and we thank you for that opportunity.

For more information, to schedule a tour, meet with our team, or to register, contact the ECLC preschool office at (480) 897-0588 or email

The EVJCC personnel have received training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision. Our vigilance is demonstrated with a 40-year plus safe school environment.  Read more about our safety policies and procedures.