Israel programs for youth

We hold a commitment to Israel and want to create a lasting connection between Jews and the State of Israel. The following youth programs are offered in partnership with the Israeli American Council. 

Keshet: Pre-K 

Keshet: K-2nd

Eitanim-Grades 7-10

For more information about any of these programs, contact Yamit here.

Description of Programs


Keshet (Ages 4-9)

Empowers young Jewish American and Israeli families to connect with each other and celebrate their identity through the Hebrew language, Israeli culture and Jewish traditions.

Eitanim (Grades 7-10)

Offers teens a unique opportunity to connect to Israel through entrepreneurship and innovation. Mentored by industry experts, Jewish American and Israeli teens lead innovative projects, build their resumes and develop important life skills while forming new friendships with like-minded peers.