“Our Legacy Gifts will Ultimately be theirs, too”

Endowments will have an increasingly impactful role in sustaining the future of our EVJCC.

How will you or your family integrate Legacy Giving into the Jewish philanthropic culture?

It doesn’t take a lot – with just a $1,000 or a % of your estate, you can make a difference.
Ask us how you can leave a Legacy! It’s easy and meaningful.

Endowments, once a luxury, are essential elements to the EVJCC’s financial stability strategy.  Whether you’re making your first will, planning for retirement, or providing for your grandchildren’s future, it’s the right time to consider what your legacy will be.

Anybody can make a legacy gift, regardless of age or financial circumstances, and your gift can be customized to fit your goals and needs.

The EVJCC is an official participant of the LIFE & LEGACY partnership program within the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. This program supports our Jewish community in securing after-lifetime gifts.


For questions toward how you can create your Legacy Gift, please email legacy@evjcc.org

Help us ensure that the variety of services, provided by the EVJCC, will continue to exist for future generations and are financially stable for current and emerging needs.