The EVJCC is continuously expanding our Exercise Programs and Services.
Please check back with us often to view what the EVJCC has in store for 2018/2019!
In the meantime, we encourage you to email us with your suggestions.  We want to hear from you!

Our J’s different group exercise classes provide an option for all fitness goals!

Whether that be a relaxing yoga class or a cardio class, there will be something for you.

Options will allow you to develop every element of your fitness: Aerobic capacity, Muscular flexibility, Strength and Speed

Instructors will be able to show you an easier version of exercises to complete, or how to challenge yourself at the right level without overexertion and increasing the risk of injury.

Not only will the class be run with a sensible selection of exercises, but there will be a qualified fitness professional available to speak to before, after and potentially during the class.

You’ll meet some really great people when going to fitness classes, too! Community members that inspire you to push out an extra repetition and who can make you laugh once the class is over.

Group exercise is essentially the same as heading to the playground with friends when you were a child, although rather than having fun on the slide, you can have fun doing squats instead!