Corporate Sponsorship

Engage with your new audience… right here at the EVJCC!  Our J Community is Your Most Valuable Niche Audience.

Why? Your corporate reach expands with an EVJCC sponsorship.

Valley residents gather at the EVJCC to connect to their community and participants find Our J’s corporate sponsors more credible companies.

Start Promoting Your Business Today


Our J’s members hold a more positive opinion of a company that supports the EVJCC
Our J’s membership prefers to purchase products and services from EVJCC supporters
Our J Community is inclusive of highly educated, influential, affluent, and community minded

How Corporate Sponsorship Works

We will work with you to create a customized, supportive campaign and unique messaging through EVJCC communications, programs, or services.

Our J Community will recognize your support and take action to support your brand, programs, or services.

Through multiple touch points, your company will create an impact with Our J Community!

There’s opportunity for you and your company to interact with our membership, reach and grow a new niche audience, and even distribute content or have a display at EVJCC events.

To learn more about becoming a Corporate Sponsor, email