2s and 3s Classrooms

During our 2s and 3s preschool experience, classrooms assist children’s explosive growth while they engage in pretend play and become
increasingly able to focus their attention on topics, people, and objects introduced by others.

Our teaching team helps to facilitate their increased use of spoken language while using many new words and developmentally appropriate and complex sentence structures.

Children develop perceptual and motor skills that allow them to run fast, climb high, and play hard!



Our teaching team provides daily guidance through caring relationships, and relays that back to parents with regular communications and pictures.

We act in ways that honor the child’s rights to desire, hope, explore, and show preferences, while also helping the child learn to honor the similar rights of others.

There’s a pizza lunch option on Fridays as well as a special Challah snack.

or more information, to schedule a tour, meet with our team, or to register, contact the ELC preschool office at (480) 897-0588 or email pam@evjcc.org

The EVJCC personnel have received training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision. Our vigilance is demonstrated with a 40-year plus safe school environment.  Read more about our safety policies and procedures.