J Flexible Preschool 

There’s so many benefits!

This program is designed to make it as convenient as possible for families to attend Our J’s NAEYC accredited Early Learning Center.

J Flexible Preschool enrolls children 6 weeks through 24 months years old and preschool is offered full time from 7AM – 6PM Monday – Friday.


Your family has freedom to prepay for a set amount of hours each month.


You have the ability to select the hours and days you need during the year.  Only invest for the time you need care for your child. *must meet minimum hour commitment *applicable to infant/toddler only 

You’ll receive regular communication and, with your permission, pictures to show you how much fun your child is having at the ECLC!

For more information, to schedule a tour, meet with our team, or to register, contact the ECLC preschool office at (480) 897-0588 or email eclc@evjcc.org

The EVJCC personnel have received training in security and safety measures for scenarios including possible medical issues and the oversight of children and adults who are under our care and supervision. Our vigilance is demonstrated with a 40-year plus safe school environment.  Read more about our safety policies and procedures.